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About Us

Who We Are

Susty Kids, Inc., develops in school, after-school and camp enrichment programs for elementary and middle school girls and boys that inspire these children to learn retain and apply sustainable practices into their lives, families and communities. All of our programs are no cost programs for the children. We level the playing field for every child no matter who they are or where they come from. 

How We Got Here

A 2008 National Geographic Expedition to Antarctica was a life changing experience for Susty Kids, Inc. founder Mary Cicalese. Humbled by the reality that climate change is real (yes there are waterfalls in Antarctica), the journey fueled her passion to research and learn more about sustainable solutions to preserve the planet so she went back to school. Ms. Cicalese graduated from Presidio Management School's Executive Program and launched Green Research. One World. (GROW), a research firm focusing on environmental, social and economic implications while keeping a finger on the pulse of sustainable innovation.

Her research findings at GROW inspired her to found Susty Kids, Inc. and create the Susty Girl, Susty Kids, Susty Explorer and Powered by Susty brands. Her tenet is simple: our children are our future and in order for them to learn how to sustain the planet, they must work together to learn from each other how to sustain their bodies, their minds and then their planet while making the world a better place to grow.

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