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Inspiring Sustainable Kids To Make Their

World A Better

Place To Grow.

Susty Kids


Our programs serve to inspire children as they learn, retain and apply sustainable practices into their lives, families and communities.

Core to our mission is our belief in peer-to-peer connections that we define as the Susty Kids2Kids "K2K™" Network. Every day, children around the world engage in sustainable practices, self defined groups or word of mouth (WOM) advocacy. Susty Kids is committed to enriching this existing and successful K2K behavior because it promotes long-term development of confidence, self-regulation and leadership and a strong sense of environmental responsibility.

The Susty Kids Environmental Program

Susty Kids, Inc.'s first creation is the Susty Girl Program. Susty is short for sustainability and our key focus is to work with girls between the ages of nine and eleven to teach them to learn more about sustaining their bodies, their minds and their planet. 

The Susty Girl Program

The Susty Explorer Program focuses on introducing simple sustainable concepts to children from kindergarten to third grade that will inspire them to become the new generation of sustainable leaders in their communities at a very early age. 

The Susty Explorer Program

"Powered by Susty" is a curriculum-based coaching and leasing program for Susty champions and partners that provide in school, after-school, stand alone classroom and camp enrichment programs based on our carefully vetted environmental curriculum.  


Powered by Susty Program

Meet Susty Kids

Susty Kids, Inc., a 501 c 3 charity organization provides no-cost Science, Technology, Environmental, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) based learning and instruction to children living in the San Francisco Bay Area - instruction that these kids would not experience without us. 

Support Susty Kids

Donate to Susty Kids Inc. and you will immediately impact the lives of children, helping them make the world a better place to grow.  Your donation will allow us to continue and expand our no cost enrichment programs; allowing us to level the playing field for all children no matter who they are or where they come from.


Our 501 (c) 3 Employer Identification Number is 45-5382242

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